Hi, we are the Psychedelic Bros - We cultivate and sell magic mushrooms online, as well as other Psychedelic drugs.

Psychedelic Bros started from 2 guys with a strong passion for Magic Mushrooms. Psychedelic Bros has been growing and sharing magic mushrooms with friends over the years which eventually led us to start an Online Shroom Dispensary.

Psychedelic Bros offers a wide variety of Magic Mushroom Products to buy. We offer everything from Dried magic mushrooms, microdose shroom capsules, shroom edibles, DMT, Acids and MDMA online. Our most popular dried mushrooms are the classic golden teachers and the Brazilian cubensis. Hope to see you begin your next mushroom journey with the help of Psychedelic Bros!

Easy Online Ordering‚Äč

At Psychedelicbros.com, not only we are online experts in magic mushrooms, microdosing mushrooms and other Psychedelics, we are passionate enthusiasts ourselves.

We truly believe in the power of Psychedelics and the incredible benefits it can bring into the lives of many. We are at the forefront of the Psychedelic wave and we want to take you on this journey with us.

So we provide access to high quality psychedelic mushroom products and others in a discreet and reliable manner.
Unlike other Online Dispensaries, we seal products in air tight seal bags to make sure that product stays fresh. This also ensure that our products aren’t tampered and exposed to light or moisture. We package all of our products into bags with gloves and take strong sanitization measures.

Experience great customer service from a safe, reliable and secure online dispensary you can trust. Every purchase comes in discreet sealed packaging for your privacy.

Enjoy fast expedited shipping with tracking number and guaranteed delivery. We offer Free Express Shipping on all orders over $99.

For assistance placing your order, please feel free to reach out anytime.